Some key phrases:

English American English
Cheers thank you or Goodbye or Your Health! (when drinking)
Crisps potato chips (other vegetable chips are often labeled as such)
Chips french Fries (not the same: chips are short, fat and yellow)
Flat apartment
Half Ten 10:30/22:30
Knackered exhausted
Lift elevator
Loo bathroom/toilet
Rest room here you lie down when knackered
Quid slang for Pound (sterling)
Shag/bonk to have sex (fairly polite term)
Rubber Eraser
(Rubber)Johnny Condom (Nb the word condom is in very common use)
Banger Sausage
Dodgy Ethically/practically unsound
Bollocks balls, rubbish - see cobblers
Bugger chap
(to have a) Decco, Dekko (at) look
to Bugger/cock up Mess up/ruin
Bum bag Fanny pack
Fanny Female genitals (generally non-sexual)
Estate agent Realtor
To be sick to vomit
Googly Curveball
Grotty badly put-together
Nowt Nothing
Sweets candy (the British are the world's largest consumers)
Tights pantyhose
Knickers Panties/rubbish
Suspenders/Braces Hold up stockings/trousers
Minge, minger, minging pubic hair, ugly person, bad/ugly
Randy Sexually excited, sexually active
Skint broke
Wanker/tosser idiot/loser
Pissed/rat-arsed drunk
Pissed-off annoyed
First floor second floor
Ground floor first floor

Pronounciations based on mediaeval French:

General Rule:
the last syllable has a very short, unpronounced vowel,
eg: Totten'm, Paddingt'n - NOT Tottenham or Paddington.

Leicester Lester
Holborn Ho - b'n
Chomondeley Chumly
Gloucester Gloster
Greenwich Grenidge
Euston You-ston
Marylebone Marry l'b'n

Cockney Rhyming slang in common usage:

Butchers (hook) look
Porky (pie) lie
Rock and Roll Dole
Raspberry (tart) Fart
Currant bun Sun
Khyber (pass) Arse (Ass - anatomical)
Sherman tank/Septic tank Yank
Half-inch Pinch/steal
(load of) Cobblers (awls) Balls - nonsense

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