We're constantly asked for a printed version of this guidebook, and we constantly have to tell people that it's out of print. It's easier to be up to date on the web though. And easier to be out of date too...London changes very rapidly.
You can print everything you want from this website. But if you want a guidebook to put in your pocket we recommend the Rough Guide. It's not afraid to say what's good and what's bad - and has been vilified in the UK for plain talking: some people don't want visitors to get less than a rosy picture.
The second choice would be Time Out or the Thames and Hudson Style guide. Time Out certainly has its finger on the pulse of London, but can be a little too trendy for our liking, and less likely to say bad things: they carry ads in their weekly magazine. Buy Time Out when you get here to find out what's on, though. The Thames and Hudson is excellent for shopping and for nooks and crannies other guides often miss.
For restaurants Harden's has the gastronomic edge, with the Good Food Guide as a good, but less exhaustive second. The Time out guide is OK too and have their noses closer to the ground. You can consult Harden's online for free. We were at school and at University with Richard Harden and entirely endorse his view of food and restaurants. And if you come across something good, do a report - if you review enough restaurants he'll send you a free copy of his guidebook!
For a good free map THIS LINK is to the tfl bus/tourist attractions sheet, which is good.
Below are links to our recommended guidebooks. Some are older editions (where the new edition isn't out yet or isn't available out of the UK) which are cheap, but if older than a couple of years some of the pertinent facts could have changed. Some links are to Amazon in the US, some in the UK. We recommend these guidebooks because we think they're good. If you can get then at your local bookstore, do. If you mail order them via the links below we get a (very) small contribution to our ever-mounting costs. You pay no more for the books so it's win-win!

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