The East End is London's immigrant sector - poverty and tuberculosis have their highest incidences here. Due to the low rents there are artists and designers aplenty. In fact it's a cliche that media cliches are born here. Worth visiting are Colombia Road and Spitalfields markets, both on the very edge of the area. Petticoat Lane market is no longer worth the trip. For details visit our 'Markets' section. Hoxton and Shopreditch are trend epicentres full of clubs, pubs and restaurants - great at night and weekends. Brick Lane is the overspill area - especially around the old Brewery that is at its centre - and fascinating for the Hugenot architecture and the Bengali curryhouses which line the street - and a place to pick up Bagels at 4 in the morning - see our Walks section. Tube: Liverpool Street. A good guide to the area is HERE